Early Years Music

What Is Early Years Music?


An engaging program of traditional songs, music-making, movement and stories offered for children from birth to age 7.

Early Years Music is a fun, developmentally-appropriate group activity designed to stimulate and nurture a child’s natural basic music competence. The sessions are approximately 45 minutes long.

The mission of Early Years Music is to enable children to enjoy a lifetime of participating in musical activities. This is accomplished by providing the opportunity to develop in a non-judgmental and pleasing musical environment.



What Is Basic Music Competence?

Basic Music Competence is the ability to sing in tune, keep a beat and participate with confidence and pleasure in the music of our culture, including instrumental study, if one chooses. Numerous scientific studies have established that almost everyone is capable of attaining basic music competence.

ScarvesIn the Early Years Music program, basic music competence is nurtured through the careful selection of songs and activities that include all the fundamental elements of music. Shakers, scarves, instruments and other props add variety and interest to the activities.